“My Insanity”

The odds and evens streaming along in my insanity,

They say everything turns grey by running into my insanity.


On a highway in some hot noon, under the bloating sun,

Walking alone bare footedly is cup of tea for my insanity.


I am done explaining the flag holders of this world,

Stop throwing me into abyss, but to live with my insanity.


And I never needed the decree to permit me,

Until, I found no place to live it through with my insanity.


The old writer- living around corner, vulnerable mother in winter evening,

 Standing along road, give undying flame to my insanity,



So I decide not to die silently screaming in crowds with my heart piercing,

I proved to be a toddler shouting loudly for justice un-given, they call it my insanity.


I never experienced sleepless nights, not even wet sheets were on my due,

But I was banished to death for making the pain go way, now faulty is my insanity.


I am abandoned in the demise of love, was taught to cherish it,

When I fought to win the fair war in love, was cursed ‘cause of my insanity.


The flesh of my soul is masked with the same tonic they have,

No voice will be raised till eternity for my insanity.